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Mk5 Remote And Voice Control Helmet

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Original price $209.99
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The MK5 Remote and Voice Control Helmet is a finely detailed collectible that brings together innovative features and classic design elements for enthusiasts and collectors. This piece is not only a tribute to heroic tales but also a testament to the fusion of creativity and technology.


  • Construction: This helmet is crafted from high-grade resin with tungsten steel accents, providing both resilience and an exceptional metallic finish.
  • Size: As a full-scale replica, it's designed to fit head circumferences up to 60cm (23.6 inches), ideal for cosplay or as a standout display item.
  • Power Supply: Powered by four AA batteries in the helmet and two AAA batteries in the remote control, this piece comes to life with light and sound (batteries are to be purchased separately).
  • Interactive Features: With LED lighting effects that illuminate upon command, the helmet offers an immersive experience.
  • Contoured Design: The helmet's contoured shape precisely mimics the iconic design, capturing the essence of its inspiration.
  • Exterior Details: It features a meticulously segmented pattern with panels that articulate, reminiscent of futuristic armor.
  • Finish: The surface of the helmet boasts a polished, reflective quality, with detailed texturing that adds depth and a sense of sophistication to the design.
  • Aesthetic: The dual-tone color scheme enhances the helmet's angular structure, giving it a mirror-like sheen that contrasts sharply and attractively against its surroundings.