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Light Orb Of Cosmic Harmony

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$24.99 - $44.99
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The Light Orb of Cosmic Harmony is a stunning decorative piece that brings the majesty of the cosmos into your living space. Encased within the orb are intricately etched planets and orbits, creating a miniature solar system that glows with a soft, ambient light. This celestial sphere sits atop a wooden base, making it a statement piece that combines natural elements with a touch of the astral.


  • Celestial Design: 3D laser-etched planets create a miniature solar system inside the orb.
  • Ambient Lighting: Soft backlighting provides a cosmic glow suitable for dark or dim spaces.
  • Wooden Base: Offers a natural touch that complements the orb's modern aesthetic.
  • Desk-Friendly Size: Compact enough for use on office desks or bedside tables.
  • Mood Enhancer: Enhances the room's atmosphere for relaxation or contemplation.
  • Unique Gift: An ideal present for astronomy enthusiasts or lovers of unique decor.