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Adjustable Glow Wall Plug Night Light

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Original price $29.99 - Original price $59.99
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$29.99 - $59.99
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Enhance your space with the functional grace of the Sleek Dual-Directional Wall Sconce. Designed to provide a warm glow from above and below, this lighting fixture is a harmonious addition to any room looking for a touch of refinement.


  • Illumination Direction: Emits light upwards and downwards for balanced brightness.
  • Visual Design: A contemporary cylindrical form, presenting a sleek appearance.
  • Construction: Built with robust materials for enduring use.
  • Ambience: Creates a soft and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Elevate Your Evening Experience

Explore the versatility of the Light, a sleek and contemporary plug-in night light crafted to enrich the atmosphere of your home after dark. This plug-in provides a customizable intensity of light to match the desired mood or necessity of your space.

Tailored Lighting Experience

The ALight offers the flexibility of variable brightness, allowing for an ambiance that can be adjusted for comfort or clarity. Set a tranquil glow for a subdued setting or increase the light for clear visibility, adapting to any room’s requirements with ease.

This wall sconce is a prime choice for those seeking a blend of style and utility, offering a stunning lighting solution that enhances the visual appeal of both residential and commercial spaces.